For more knowledge and a better understanding of the contemporary life in our  Secondary Technical  School we can look back into the history of its early beginnings and development.

There was an uneasy life after World War II in our region. It was a difficult task, especially for builders, who started on a waste ground, to build new homes, schools, factories, hospitals  etc. ... 

The history of our apprentice school began  in 1948 , when the Czechoslovak national company started to build plants to restore the towns and villages and needed skilled workers. After overcoming initial difficulties at that time, there were recruited fifteen-year-old trainees. Thus the newly created company started to educate their own experts. Ninety boys were educated in three professions such  as a bricklayer, a carpenter and a tile-layer. 

The apprenticeship in this period was carried out by cyclic form and under very difficult circumstances. Since  1949 the company started to build Training centres - training homes.

By 1960s the company brought up about seven hundred  apprentices in thirteen professions. The theoretical lessons took place in Secondary Electrotechnical School, which had its headquarters on Plzenska street. For the lack of space, the classes were held in two shifts.  On 19th November 1971 a new school building was passed to use to Building Construction Vocational School in Presov.

In addition to good results in training work, our apprentices  paid great attention to the technical, cultural and sports activities, as evidenced by numerous awards. 

The interest of construction and civil engineering professions was great.  School apprentices were continuously brought up in the new comprehensive campus. School premises were gradually modernized, there were set up three special classrooms, craftrooms were equipped with modern machinery, a new dayroom was constructed.

In school year  1974/1975 we started with the implementation of an experimental study 4 +1 in two professions – a plumber and a locksmith. A year later the school accepted an offer to teach 16 students from Vietnam in the field of a crane driver.

Evening study course was established in  school year  1978/1979. First, the students were educated in the field of building construction, then in the field of mechanical and electrical engineering. In the same school year the school was transformed into Building Construction Apprentice School.

In school year 1995/1996 in cooperation with FC  TATRAN,  there was established  a Sports centre with a focus on football.

The results of school staff and pupils are presented in numerous competitions and exhibitions such as a Young Craftsman. The school has successfully developed a friendship with these schools: Zespol Szkol budowlanych in Poland, Secondary Technical School in Košice and Secondary Technical School in Poprad.

Since the birth until the presence, our school , under the new name of Secondary Technical  School, has  raised about  11,000 trained experts of various professions and more than 1,200 graduates with leaving examinations.

The school  rich history proves that Secondary Technical School has justified the importance of the education of young qualified professionals and apprentices.

 The school former directors:

1948-58   Jozef PAĽA

 František GOMBÁR

 Mikuláš TURČÁNI

 1958-69   František ŠIMKOVIČ


 František Šesták

 Ing. Michal RYBARČÁK

 1969-89   Štefan HAMBÁLEK

 RNDr. Tomáš ŠKOP

 1989-96   Ing. Eva KAMENSKÁ

 Since 1996 up to now   Mgr. Štefan CMAR

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